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Jiangmen Henbert Sewing Technology co.,Ltd is a clothing waterproof expert, always adhering to the "technology leadership, pioneering and innovative, excellence, people-oriented" business philosophy. The company has advanced core technology, equipped with sophisticated production equipment, independent research and development, professional production of clothing waterproof equipment and hot air waterproof tape, to provide customers with quality products and services. In management, the establishment of a scientific internal management system, the training of outstanding professionals, to form a good development momentum and development prospects.

"Van Heng Machinery" (Hot air seam sealing machine, hydraulic testing machine, automatic trap, plane hot press, etc. high scientific and technological content, with humanized design, easy to operate, superior performance, in the field of industrial sewing equipment set up a good professional brand image, by domestic, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe and the United States many manufacturers welcome.

"Where Heng Tape" (Composite pu tape, pure PU tape, three layer breathable tape, rubber belt, hot melt adhesive film, Non-woven tape, drop plastic non-slip belt, waterproof zipper tape, etc. use of environmentally friendly materials, sophisticated technology, fully in line with international environmental standards, widely used in tents, raincoats, down jacket, waterproof shoes, gloves, diving suits, ski suits, Coal mine wind pipes, hot air balloons and other products waterproof treatment.

Shengya Company in the development of quality first, service-oriented principle, at the same time hope that with domestic and foreign enterprises to establish technical, economic and other aspects of cooperative relations, in the High-tech society with you in, and the Times together.