Seam Sealing Tapes

☑HENBERT Seam tape is a thermoplastic adhesive film applied to sewn seams of fabrics to prevent water from leaking through. It can be applied by using any of the commercially available hot air taping machines.

☑HENBERT offers a wide range of high quality and environmental tapes for waterproofing sewn seams. Our tapes are strong, and easy to work with.

☑HENBERT seam tapes adhere to a wide variety of fabrics and materials and have been proven in many applications including:

☑Activewear: Skiing, snow boarding, cycling, sailing, climbing, paddling sports,hiking, hunting, fishing, golfing, etc.

☑Industrial workwear / Tents / Footwear / Military garments & gear / 

Hazardous material protective suits / Rainwear / Outerwear


Heat Transfer Film

☑ Decorative overlay films are cost-effective, fashion elements that can be incorporated into any apparel/shoes/knapsack design.Applications for these overlay films include: Zippers, Pocket Flaps, Cinch-cord Exits Elbow/Knee Patches, Scuff Guards,Shoulder Trim or Patches, Collar Trim, Laser Cut Logos or Designs, Cuffs, Sleeve Trim, Seam Trim and so on. In wide widths,patterns can be easily cut to suit your design needs. When slit to tape widths, they can be used over seams for decorative purposes or to enhance the water resistance properties of an outerwear seam. They can also be applied over bonded seams to eliminate edge fraying.

☑We offer a wide range of custom color capabilities.We offer a variety of stylish and functional overlay film.

☑ Printed Overlay Film    ☑ Stretch Overlay Film   ☑ Iridescent Overlay Film    ☑ Reflective Printed Overlay Film ☑ Transparent Clear Overlay Film ☑ 3D Embossed Overlay Film     ☑ Reflective Overlay Film   ☑ Ransparent Matt Overlay Film  ☑ Ransparent Matt Overlay Film


Hot melt adhesive film

☑ Made of high-quality polyurethane materials. HENBERT adhesive film is a soft, highly elastic adhesive film ,designed for apparel applications where stretch and recovery are required. HENBERT adhesive film ,adheres to polyester, poly / cotton and blended fabrics.HENBERT adhesive film can be laminated to your choice of wide-width fabric as well as applied in a tape form to a pre-cut garment.

☑ pplied to seamless bonding between fabrics and fabrics which used for producing the brim of hat, placket, hem, sleeve valve, etc, also between fabrics and zippers, trademarks.

☑ They can also be applied to seamlessly bonding underwear, bags, shoes, sport arm bags of cell phone, tablet sleeve, automotive interiors and the other industries.

☑ HENBERT adhesive film can be also customized color. These colored adhesives film can be achieved seam construction & design aesthetics simultaneously.


Seam Sealing Equipment & Seamless Clothing Equipment

☑  Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine     

☑ Planar Heating Press Machine 

☑ Power Water Pressure Test Machine

Ultrasonic Lace Machine 

☑ Laser Cutting Machine